Spin Mop Bucket Stainless Steel Floor Cleaner

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The 360° dual motor Easy Quick Spin Mop is the upgraded version of single motor Spin mop, a breakthrough home cleaning system guaranteed to cut your cleaning time in half. + 4 mop heads.

360 Spin Mop Bucket Stainless Steel Floor Cleaner Extra 4 Heads

The 360 degree full swivel head that helps you to clean your home easily, works on most of the surface like timber, glass, ceramic, metal, floor, window, ceiling, wall or even your car. It can reach the corners and bottom gaps . With its spin-dry bucket, you can wash and dry your mop as easily as just making 2 steps. The mop handle is retractable / adjustable from 80cm to 120cm, and made of sturdy stainless steel.

The Easy Quick Spin Mop has over 8,000 strands individually banded for strength, durability and absorbency plus it's reusable and machine washable. 360 Spin Mop bands create a powerful gravity defying suction that literally inhales the mess off the floor and into the mop head. The unique locking bands trap the liquid and prevent it from leaking! Great for any type of floor, it spins 360 degrees, like a street sweeper cleaning the curbs, pulling the mess to the inside of the mop so you're not just pulling and pushing the dirt around.

The spin mop on the video is for demonstration purpose only Please refer to photos below and item description for actual model.

Features ::

  • Saves Labour + Time + Power:
    Innovative concept based on a unique drying design. Has a powerful cleaning effect which dries completely & does not soil your hands. No power consumption therefore no charging. Simple operation & easy to use for both adults and children.
  • Dual purpose wet n dry use - clean, convenient, safe:
    New type of drying bin self controls the humidity of the mop head strip to give a clean & vacuum suction effect. This is time saving, convenient & also more safe. New design of mop head with arbitrary 360° rotation cleans uniformly & has a better reach anywhere. Unique wear resistant & anti bacterial fibre strip cleans powerfully. Will not scratch the floor or other kind of delicate surfaces.
  • Easy movement keeps you happy n healthy:
    A large & completely ergonomic design reduces the burden on your hands & waists. Will not cause physical fatigue or harm. Can be easily controlled by any person to finish the housekeeping job faster, healthier & more comfortably.
  • Streamlined supplementary package:
    Environment friendly supplementary package. A spare mop head strip has been provided which can easily be replaced by anyone. As regards cleaning the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any other room in your house, this product is a clear choice over any other; far away from trouble, at the same time saving valuable money for you.
  • One product, many functions:
    New type of drying trough doubles up as a small dryer as well which is suitable for drying small clothes/fabrics. The range of cleaning purposes/surfaces extends to residential or commercial or public spaces, all kinds of floors, glass windows, car washing & waxing, corners or crevices etc.


  • Mop pole size: adjustable 100 cm to 130 cm
  • Mop head size: 36 cm diameter
  • Bucket size: 46 x 26 x 20 cm
  • Stainless steel spinner and pole
  • Colour: Blue, Pink Or Yellow


  • 1 x 360° Dual motor Easy Quick Mop set (Bucket, stick and 4 mop head)
  • Package Size: 33 x 44 x 31 cm

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