Samsung EVO PLUS 32GB Micro SD Memory Card 80R20W MB-MC32D

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Product Overview Capture Faster: Save your precious

Product Overview

  • Capture Faster: Save your precious memories fast. This Ultra High Speed memory card is UHS-1 enabled, which means it captures photos and video more than two times faster than your typical microSD.
  • Transfer Faster: With a read speed of up to 80 MB per second, and a write speed of up to 20 MB per second, you can spend less time transferring memories, and more time making them.
  • A Perfect Partner: Get the most out of the latest smart phones, tablets and cameras. This memory card works perfectly with even the most advanced devices to protect your memories for life.
  • Download more media files and apps to your smart phone or tablet. And always know you've got plenty of space.
  • Full HD Video: Capture the moments that matter as vividly as you remember them. Shoot beautiful, Full HD videos that keep each memory safe and sound and fresh as the day it happened.
  • Waterproof: Samsung Memory Cards can survive up to 24 hours in seawater.
  • Temperature Proof: Samsung Memory Cards can endure temperatures from -25C to 85C Celsius.
  • X Ray Proof: Samsung Memory Cards protect your precious data from damage caused by airport X ray machines.
  • Magnetic Proof: Samsung Memory Cards can even resist up to 13 times the magnetic force of home theatre speakers.


  • Up to 80MB/s Transfer Speed
  • Great Performance in High End Smartphones and Tablet PCs
  • Class 10, UHS-I
  • Ideal for Full HD Video Recording and High Resolution Pictures


  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Storage Type: MicroSDXC
  • Speed Rating: Class 10
  • UHS (Ultra High Speed) Rated: Yes
  • UHS Speed Rating: UHS-I Class 1 (U1)
  • Read Speed: 80 MB/s
  • Write Speed: 20 MB/s

Package Content

1 x Samsung EVO PLUS 32GB Micro SD Memory Card

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